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  • IDEAS(INSTITUTE OF DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION, ACTION AND STUDIES) was Founded in 1984 at Madurai, Tamil Nadu, IDEAS began playing a significant role as Regional Resource Centre for various kinds of marginalized groups in society: Dalits, Women, Unorganized Labourers, Sri Lanka Tamil Repatriates working as bonded labourers in the commercial forests of Kodaikanal Hills, Tamil Refugees from Sri Lanka, Dalit Christians, Arunthathiyars, Puthirai Vannars, Palaiyar and Pulayar Tribes on Kodaikanal Hills, and the Nomadic Tribes in the plains. Various civil society organizations working with these groups have also benefited from the institute’s services.  Read more
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  • LAAS(LEGAL ACTION, ADVOCACY AND SERVICES) inaugurated on January 29, 2005 in a rented building at Othakadai in Madurai, the institute’s first action thrust was in the then tsunami affected Nagapattinam district. Legal service was offered to the tsunami victims who were neglected or excluded from relief and rehabilitation measures of the state and private agencies. July 29th, 2000 was the memorable date when the institute was inaugurated in the new building premises at Ulaganeri in Madurai. But it started functioning from Sept. 02, 2006 by providing legal and human rights services for the empowerment of Dalits, Tribals, women and children. The proximity of the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court offers professional opportunities for the institute to make legal interventions. Read more
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