Banker Son Of Senior RSS Leader Of Kerala Celebrated Gangrape And Killing Of 8 Year Old Girl At Kathua

It should not surprise anyone. The hatred for Muslims and Tribals is ingrained in the Hindutva cadres. This poison is infused in their brains during boudhik shivirs (intellectual camps) regularly held by the Hindutva gang. Their pujiya (worshipable) guru of hate, in fact, wrote a chapter titled INTERNAL THREAT (chapter xvi, Bunch of Thoughts, pages 177-195)in which Muslims are declared to be enemy number 1. Such criminal writings play major role in turning RSS cadres into barbarians. If this criminal was there at Kathua we can imagine what he would have been doing. With such criminals around no internal/external enemy is required to destroy our democratic-secular India, the Hindutva zealots will accomplish the task. 

Click this link for the report / article by    Shamsul Islam .

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