Lotus Herbals Continues To Make Misleading Claims On Its Sun Protection Products: HUL

  “All communications from HUL, be it internal or external, comply with requirements of law. The demonstration video of Lakmé Sun Expert was no different and the contents of the video is backed by scientific reports carried out by external independent laboratory. Lakmé Sun Expert is indeed a superior product and the same was being communicated in the said video. The contents of the said video neither disparages nor denigrates Lotus Herbals’ or any other product. Aggrieved by the said video, Lotus Herbals did approach the Delhi High Court but the Honourable Court disposed of the same on the first day itself and we are free to air, circulate, broadcast the said Lakmé Sun Expert video in line with the court’s directions.”
Click this link for the report / article by MISBAAH MANSURI .
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