India Should Not Go The Nazi Way But Give Citizenship To 1.9 Million People Left Out Of The Assam NRC List

Over 1.9 million people have been left out of the final National Register of Citizens or NRC – a list intended to identify legal residents and weed out illegal immigrants from Assam. Those left out of the NRC can appeal to the Foreigners Tribunal within 120 days. After that those left out will be sent to Detention Centers! Are we going to create Nazi concentration camps in India? Millions of Indian citizens have emigrated from India and have become citizens of various countries around world. Why can’t India start a process to absorb the citizens left out of the NRC list? No country is going to absorb them. The lives of 1.9 million people lie in peril. India should give them citizenship. That’s the only ethical act that India can do if it claims to be the largest democracy in the world.  

Click this link for the report / article by  Countercurrents Collective.

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