Who We Are?

Journeying with the Marginalized for Legal Empowerment

Inaugurated on January 29, 2005 in a rented building at Othakadai in Madurai, the institute’s first action thrust was in the then tsunami affected Nagapattinam district. Legal service was offered to the tsunami victims who were neglected or excluded from relief and rehabilitation measures of the state and private agencies. July 29th, 2000 was the memorable date when the institute was inaugurated in the new building premises at Ulaganeri in Madurai. But it started functioning from Sept. 02, 2006 by providing legal and human rights services for the empowerment of Dalits, Tribals, women and children. The proximity of the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court offers professional opportunities for the institute to make legal interventions.

What We Do?

LAAS offers Four Rs – Reference, Resourceful, Reaching out and Remedy. People with legal problems REFER the matter to LAAS for advice and action. It aims to be RESOURCEFUL so that the legal fraternity and others can approach LAAS for legal materials such as books, journals, computer facilities etc. Its REACH OUT to the marginalized provides legal and human rights education, training and other related matters is significant. It is watchful of human rights violations, atrocities against dalits, tribals, women and children and provides adequate legal assistance and, accordingly if need arises, LAAS will seek legal REMEDY by litigating in the court of law.

Besides the main components of consultation and litigation, the institute is involved in investigating human and statutory rights violations through fact-finding missions, holding legal aid camps for providing legal advice, and organizing interaction sessions periodically for the Lawyers Fraternity on current legal and social issues. Legal assistance on civil matters is also offered to the institutions of Jesuit Madurai Province. Various Church agencies benefit from the institute’s legal services on civil and canonical matters. Besides providing library & documentation service, LAAS publishes books, booklets, pamphlets and other reading materials.

LAAS began its journey by extending its services to a small flow of clients from the marginalized groups. Today scores of people knock at its portals for consultation and litigation….And LAAS keeps moving on in the pursuit of justice, equality, liberty and fraternity – the preambular promises of the Indian Constitution.


Administration and Programmes

Br. Arockiam
Administrator & Treasurer
Fr. Jeyaseelan, S.J.
Fr. Santhanam, S.J.
Ms Santha
Office Secretary
Ms. Mary
Mr. Savariraj