Founded in 1984 at Madurai, IDEAS (Institute of Development Education, Action and Studies) has been playing a significant role as Regional Resource Centre for Dalits, Women, and Unorganized Labourers and for various other stakeholders supporting their cause. In Course of time, a few other specific groups also became the Institute’s core mission concerns: Sri Lanka Tamil Repatriates working as bonded labourers in the commercial forests of Kodaikanal Hills, Tamil Refugees from Sri Lanka, Dalit Catholics in TN Church, Arunthathiyars, PuthiraiVannars, Palaiyar and Pulayar Tribes on Kodai Hills and the Nomadic Tribes in the plains. Facilitating the empowerment of these marginalized groups in order to enable them access and enjoy their constitutional and human rights is the short-term goal and the removal of the existing unjust social order in view of establishing an egalitarian and humane society is the long-term goal of the Institute.

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