Founded in 2005 at Madurai, LAAS (Legal Action, Advocacy and Services) is a venture of the Jesuit Madurai Province to provide different kinds of legal service. In other words, it seeks to offer four ‘R’s, namely, Reference, Resourceful, Reaching Out and Remedy. People with legal problems can REFER the matter to LAAS for advice and action, It aims to be RESOURCEFUL so that the Legal fraternity and others can approach LAAS for legal materials such as books, journals, computer facilities etc. It will REACH OUT to the marginalized by way of providing legal and human rights education, training, organizing legal aid camps, and other related matters. It will also be watchful of human rights violations, atrocities against Dalits, Tribal, Women and Children and provide adequate legal assistance. If need arises, LAAS will also seek legal REMEDY by litigating in the courts of law. Since 2014, IDEAS-LAAS has been functioning as one institute in advancing the promotion, protection and defence of the human and civil rights of various marginalized groups in Tamil Nadu.

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